Dodge "A Dog"

Hey, she may be a sl*t, 

But you’re no better.

Only difference she’s 

A female.

And you’re trying to

Get in whatever.

You’re focused on 

Body count.

When you should be 

Making that 

Money count.


You think

Since she’s the female;

Being degraded and hated.

While you get applauded and hailed;

By your homies

And other phonies.

For the same wrong doing.

Is any different?

Will it make you 

Feel more like

“The dog”

You truly want to become?

Such a statistic.


If you’re going

To act like a dog.

Then how about you chase

Some green ambition.

Instead of 

Leaving others 

In careless conditions.

Poking your nose

Where it doesn’t belong.

Will you be happy for long?


Repairing self-esteem by

Making others

Feel just as


Hurt, and



Another dog 

Made you



If you’re a dog.

A dog,

She can be too.

It’s an ongoing cycle.


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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