Doctors vs. Daggers

“There are people whose problems are bigger than yours.”

A phrase used to correct the ungrateful

Effective for whomever applies

Damaging for whomever doesn’t

‘Cause your belittling my pain

Making it smaller in comparison

But whether it’s big or small, pain is pain

And not all pain is the same

And not all pain is entirely different

A paper cut is nothing compared to the scars of war

But small things grow

And though some do only whine and complain

Others are trying to seek help

And if you dismiss my pain

That wound deepens in the mentality that no one cares

Homelessness vs. being an orphan; cancer vs. depression

Who are we to compare?

Forget the sad montage that belittles pain

And replace it with this one:

“Everyone hurts

And everyone can heal.”


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