Do you Regret?

Breath icy cold

Chilled against the night's air

Faint and raspy

The low thrum beats just beneath the shirt

Body fragile and numb

Memories and images passing quick through his mind

Blood racing throughout his eardrums

Darkness surrounds nothing but him

He can no longer breathe

It becomes harder each time the chest lifts

Almost like he's suffering

Eye's suddeningly fade to small black images

But yet he can still make out the dull outlines of light

Why didn't you just let him go when you had the chance

Why keep trying to hold onto a faded past

Can't you see he's fighting

But it's too late now

He no longer hear any other thought besides his own

Lurid nasty reflections fill his mind

This is the end

The end of you and him

Except his is eternal

Too late now to go back and do whats been done

The red water pours around his careless body

Muscles limp

He hears nothing

Everything has gone

Never as he escaped his torn cage

No longer the faint breaths

Never again shall he feel what he used

Decomposed and rotted is all the material he is

Do you regret what you did?

Knowing that he's buried six feet under

While your legs wonder aimlessly over the ashes of the dead.

Do you regret it...




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