Do You Have The Power To Change This?

She wraps herself in newspapers for warmth,

As the cold settles in from the north.

They stand in lines to spend hundreds of dollars,
Nothing they need except, one of every color.

She looks in trash cans and alleyways, 
Stomach hollow from not eating in days.
They complain of eating way more than their share,
Concerned of how their clothes fit and what to wear.

On Thanksgiving, she gives thanks
For shelter under the trees by the riverbanks.
They forget what Thanksgiving is for,
Complaining of the cold as they head out to buy more.

She cries in pain on the street Christmas day,
Her child sick from the cold, so still, there she lays.
They laugh and open gifts with greed,
Expecting all they felt was guaranteed.

She stands in line for food that is gone,
Her cheeks gaunt and sadly withdrawn.
They have  rosy cheeks and full bellies,
So much to eat their taste often varies.

She settles inside a box she found thrown away,
Curling into a little ball, silently she begins to pray.
On this New Years eve, she gives up and retires,
As they enjoy drinking and dancing till they desire.
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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