Do Not Look


Do not look behind the curtain,

or take off this mask.

Do not look too deeply into these black eyes.

Eyes so dark, they have never seen light.


Do not look behind this smile,

or these breathing lungs.

Do not look at the demon clawing out with each breath.

I keep it trapped inside; like it trapped my withered soul.


Now look in to this heart,

still beating in hope.

This I do not hide, this you may see.

Look at its glass cage where it’s fragilely kept safe.


It beats to show the love left,

that I do not always lie.

I can love strong and help give care more than you could see.

Even with what I hide, what I show is love.


My love is true.

But tell me this: Would you show love to me if I took of my mask?

Or pulled back the curtain?

Would you still see the good I have?


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