Do I End It?


United States
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Why try?
Why care?
Why love?
Nothing ends happily.
The world is dark
And painful
And you're all alone.
No one wants you.
No one wants to see you.
Other things are more important.
Everything is more important.
You see me
With your eyes.
You see the outside,
The shell.
You see make up.
You see smiles.
But you don't really see me.
You see what you want to see.
When I need it most
Everyone goes away,
So when I'm gone,
I hope you finally
See the real me.
Not that it matters.
Nothing matters after you're dead.
People change,
But never in time.
You wont be in time to save me.
No one will notice I'm gone.
They'll throw my records out.
They'll box up my things.
I'm insignificant.
I do everything I can to be noticed,
But you don't see me.
I'm no longer happy,
But it's not like you ever cared.
No one has.
No one does.
No one will.
So what's next?
Do I suck it up?
Do I get help?
Do I end it?


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