Do Better


Do better

Cuz this lackin is leaving slack


My rope, don’t forget you gotta pull me up, Boy

You got responsibilities, Boy

Can’t enter this grand canyon if you gots baby boy grip,  I mean,

Baby Boy  

Grip these damn hips already

Is you scared?

Scared of a little thunder

Of a little infinity, my affinity is no mystery Mr and I know you see this welcome sign

See these pearly whites alright, all right, all bright in your direction

I mean, Boy

Do you not see this regal reflection

This image of goddamned beauty, kindle

Flame, and dim glowing amber in one body, Boy do better

Cuz this loving from afar has gotten taxing

You love like 2 am phone calls

All whispers and forgotten in the morning are your affections

Maybe you, like the moon,  can only begin your glory when the sun shuts the fuck up

Sits its ass down somewhere,  maybe

I'm the sun

Maybe you are scorched sand begging for overcast,  maybe I've overstayed my welcome

Like a winter day

Long when it shouldn't be,  colder than is usually found pleasant

I guess you can say I’m clumsy

I often trip over my own tongue,  have still not gotten over my lisp, my voice cracks when people disagree with me

I take it personally

And personally,  I don't really have much faith in my face

But will throw it at you like the book,  have you believing I think it gospel

Think it ought to have a place in the prayers in your mouth, think

My mouth has a place on your mouth,  I mean does it not tho

Are the grooves of your lips not a kin to mine,  do we not balance one another

A yin and a yang,  both black, you moon

Me sun,  me moon

You sun,  you can play whichever part you would like just

Let me fall in your orbit


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