Sun, 02/19/2017 - 15:10 -- Naesi

The cruelness in a person's judgment, the wrong in their belief 

Confusing wrong with right

Bad intentions, hateful thoughts a world with no peace

Humans being beaten, riots unleashed, war started, creating broken families

Children being bullied, picked on, beat up

Scared to cry out for help, unable to help themselves

But why?

Why do we live this way?

Is it because of our skin color? Sexuality or religious beliefs aren't the same?

Or because we all interpret the world in different ways

Maybe because, we all define love differently

Too worried about pleasing others, we live a lifetime displeased

Unable to allow our true feelings to be released,

We expose our fake selves , only showing the world what they want to see

But that doesn't make us happy

Were suppose to be the land of the free?

But we are tyrannized and tormented for our skin color and loving someone who makes us happy

We are taught to judge people and are labeled by how we dress and that it is evil to be anything other than ordinary

Living in this unfair society

So they try to control our sense of individuality 

Only allowing us to show our true selves privately

Unable to bare this style of living I lash out definitely

I tear down labels, love who I want, dress how I please,

And do what makes ME happy

Because I am not afraid to be different

I live for myself not for this disgrace of a country . 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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