Distorted Eyes


United States
41° 6' 32.7924" N, 74° 4' 58.3824" W

From collar bones to skinny wrists
She tries to joke, impress with her wits
Thigh gaps, stomach flat
Through her eyes she see nothing but fat
It becomes a game, how far will she go?
It only depends on what her scale will show
One goal met, a lower one set
The pattern continues, she's not done yet
She starts to get sick, cold, numb, and weak
When she stand up you hear all her bones creak
Never a fad, never for show
She pushed herself to see how far it would go
Don't know how to stop, it's now who you are
Each day she purges, even though she is starved
Now I am sick, but I know I can't quit
Why do I think this all this pain is worth it?



Great message. It's something people don't really like to talk about. Your rhyming flows well. It doesn't feel forced.


It's not talked about enough, especially in the poetry world. Good for you for being able to express it, it's so hard to deal with and we say nobody understand, but thats because we don't educate.

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