Distant Thoughts


United States
42° 35' 32.8704" N, 71° 59' 15.1908" W

A two way street was built,

between you and I.

You walked your side,

and I walked mine.

Fewer days you walked than me,

Until your path was no longer tread.

Your side grew wild.

Weeds took the place of your footprints.

You left me staring at the dandilions,

waiting for them to become roses

so that maybe just maybe you'd come back. 

An impossible task,

but maybe thats what you meant it to be.

A chance for me to ponder 

what I could've done. 

I would sit and wonder why

you never cared to walk our street.

I finally realized that the path you took,

only flew across the sky. 

Maybe thats why your path grew wild

I was no longer a main road

just a path you could take if you needed to.

But you never needed to. 

You never wanted to.



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