Disney Nights

Disney Nights Have never been this great

Disney classics have taken over the summer



Down the rabit hole I went

To follow the white rabbit with the pocket watch

As I opened the door to an entirly new world 

Carpets and Genies filled my arabian nights

In those my eyes fell heavy entered a world of my own

A world of royalty from low places

a beautiful women covered in cinder

Mice run across the ground creating cloths and singing songs

The magic filled the air and lingered till mid-night

The smell surrounded me 

So this is love

Disney Nights they come and go

The excitment filled the air as school aprotched 



Up I went into the halls and around the river bend

Leaving bread crumbs back to my bed

This is the end of my summer dream

The begining of another year until my senior

Oh, I just can't wait to be back in my seat 

Frozen in time

Tangled in my work

Brave in this new year of my Disney class

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