I was alone,

Cramped in my mind,



Seeking some attention i probably didnt deserve,

I was alone with a pen, a piece of paper and my thoughts,


Devouring Me, 

Threatening to spill out,

I needed a out,

And taking a life is not the way so i stayed and began my journey,

Journey through my past,

My present,

And what i hoped my future would be,

A journey of discovering me and what i was capable of,

I discovered love,



All which i needed so much but because i didnt have it in myself,

I couldnt find it in others,

I discovered emotions i never thought were possible,

I found people who saw me,

Embraced me,

Loved Me,

I discovered me, 

The little girl with so much anger in her heart,

She became blinded by it,

I spoke with her,

I cried for her,

I hated her,

I accepted her,

And a year later i was able to let go of her,


Thats what i felt,

No more burdens,


Or hurt,

All replaced with positivity,


And appreciation,

My pen led the way,

My thoughts guided it,

My heart spoke with it,


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