Discouragement of an artistic dream


 who stand there and look me in the eye. 
You dare say I, 
will live a life better off dropping out, compared to my fellow students?
What makes you think they're better?
it's not like im imprudent. 
Scoffing in my direction because of my gpa...
I say nay! 
To hell with your idea of a scholar whose wits are matched.
So I lack, the brains to show off in tests!
Yet, I suggest you to look at my better ways.
My skills, I must say, that show that im equal.
That instead of chemistry or math, i have something better.
What lies inside me is artistry and that is my path!
If you believe that future is dead, go ahead and mutter. 
In fact, please do discourage, and place me lower than the rest.
But one day it'll be me, making the media while you rot away
for that's where you'll stay, I will be the best. 


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