Seems like I can never satisfy you.

With each new day that rears it's head,

I make mistakes and get blown out.

The more I try to be the perfect person

You want me to be, the more I fail;

At trying to earn your love,

Of maybe being accepted

Into your exclusive world of laughter.

So I bring out the music

Blocking out your words,

Eliminating the sword that's cut through me,

Yet so many times.

Releasing the years of anger I've stored inside

Out pours the thoughts;

These feeling that I'm not good enough.

Not for you, not for them.

And you still wonder why the tears flow

If a swordsman lays down his weapon,

He'll get wounded.

When Daddy took off his mask,

He got hurt.

Same way, I took off my mask,

Yet you still don’t know

Who I am, who I’m trying to be.

Getting attacked by your bullets

The impact is slightly disturbing



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