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When I lie here awake,
There is one thing I relise,
I am not who I say, ‘not who you think I am,
Do you think I have it all together?,
Yes?,No?,I seem like it?,
Well your wrong,'
the plot thickens,'
My heart sores,
Can I be yours,
just for one more,
the scars on my arms,
Do you see them?,
The scars on my face,
Do you see those too?,
The color from my wrists that bleed,
who caused them,
do you know?,
the pain you put me through,
everything I do,
Can you believe that I'm going to die?,
Is it my fault,
my fault that I’m sitting on this hospital bed,
the next move is the asylum,
I overdosed the pills,
I was trying to ease the pain.
Fuck I just screwed up,
I’m a horrid person I say,
I look at the white walls of the hospital room,
What do I do,
why did it end this way,
What could I have done,
They say one person can make a difference,
I make none,
I’m chasing a useless dream,
My life spirals,
it’s as if I’m always alone,
I’m a victim of the world,
Wont someone come help me?
Won’t someone come and say?
you have to do nothing cause I am your friend
I'll be at your side with you till the very end
You may feel alone but don't fret you’re not
Sometimes we all feel like we are part of a giant plot
As your world crashes down you see who I am
I’ve always been there and now you notice me while you’re in a Jam.
There will always be people to tell you I'm not.
And soon they will be the ones deep in thought
I’m only praying that you'll come and save me,
say it’s your fault you shouldn’t of let me go,
now the dark is upon us,
my heart beat speeds up as I see you once more,
you hold my hand and tell me you love me,
In the end I still die,
I looked at you to say my dying wish,
I whispered it softly as I started to take my last breath,
I love you too...Don’t blame yourself when I’m gone, be happy,
I love you forever more,
Then my body falls limp,'
you can't see me,
you feel a warm embrace before I disappear maybe to heaven, maybe to hell,
either way I watched over you,
making sure your happy,
my ending sorrow,
my everlasting pain,
goodbye love,
by fate may we meet again,
And then he says,
I'll always love you my dear sweet daughter.
Forever and always you’re loving father,
I can’t believe the pain,
I put her through….
I’m a Monster…

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