This Dimension

This is a true escape,

It really gives your life a shake, 

You flourish to go to the next dimension,

And it's egregious that it is hardly ever mentioned,

Use that crystal to get there,

I abhor when people don't care.


It's a pertinent topic to me,

It makes me be who I want to be,

Some who is enlightned,

But you must be open-minded,

Just talking about it makes me excited!


It makes me feel like I can do anything,

So far as to winning things,

Those crystals are tools,

And no I don't wear them because their cool,

But yes I wear them while meditating on my wooden stool.


"All that glitters is not gold" is what I see often,

Since being weary is unfortunately common,

I revere those dimensions because they make the bad forgetten.



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