A Dim light

glow,grow, but first i had to go.

in order to grow i had to leave a glow, something i can only find once in a while

irreplacable, i now had a place to grow.

i grew mentally, i did not care for as much for physically.

Notice the I's above and how they're small  trying to connecet and become big

with knowlege and with accpentance.

becusae I was taught that wrong

I grew so much more i had a little glow. on the inside

I did not know that I had a glow from within. to ignorant to notice the things inside

never knew my worth that i do not need to find a differnet source of the glow. 

for the glow was me, I was so bright 

my succese vibrant as a neon, I knew that neon was new.

doubt, DO NOT let it get to you. I should not have let other dim my glow.

I'm different, as are you, him, her, them, or unspecified. 

we all glowed from the begginig we just have to brighten it and not dim.

I left, I expanded, I am bright.

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