Different faces of a nation

Holding blue blood within 

Sharing respiratory red blood can't live without 

With white blood cells confusin red cells for germs no doubt 

Killing their own, not knowing they can't live without the other 

As we make the system 


In an age of information 

We have a generation 

Being the biggest ignorant population 

Calling ourselves a United nation 


You want change, you want change 

One step forward with freedom 

Two step backward with slavery by another name 

I mean we get Lincoln then Johnson 

One step forward with Civil Rights 

Two steps reversed  with New Jim Crow 

How do you we get from JFK to Nixon 

One step forward with healthcare 

Two steps backwards with wealthy political entry 

We get Obama and followed by you get what I mean 


End the cycle 

Don't say you live of philosophy like democracy 

And do the opposite, by enslaving once the majority 

Now minorities 

End the cycle  

You don't have to open borders except that of the mind 

You don't need to agree but need to listen and understand from others 

Or you can stay ignorant, but you lose 

Your free to choose  


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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