Different Aves

Different Aves

Maleek Mayers


It can make you,

It can also break you...


It either lifts you up when you’re down,

Or perpetuates your sagging frown...


It is the backbone of a person,

Or it is the very reason someone goes on their lonesome...


Sometimes one cannot sway,

Therefore left in dismay,

That one day they can fly away,

Instead of sitting at the dock of an endless bay,

Pondering what life might be,

If one were truly free...


Often times we are held back from our true potential,

We often believe that even the most “supportive” ppl don’t get the mental...


The mental that we got something that we gotta see through,

That we must forge on and fight till fruition,

By simply using our intuition...


I cannot save man from man’s damnation,

However, if he is to ever reach internal salvation....

He must recognize his true potential,

And fill himself up with the confidence to be successful...


Sometimes the forger decides to spoil his kin with wealth,

But he fails to realize the damage this does to their health,

Not physical, yet successful...


He gives them everything,

While leaving them nothing...


What they get,

They will soon forget,

Cuz they are accustomed to not working...


They don’t earn,

But they yearn,

Yearn for more,

Like a whore,

A whore who moans,

For an endless supply of loans,

They say forget work,

Lemme twerk,

Forget struggle,

Lemme play in this puddle,

But not just any puddle,

A puddle full of blood, sweat and tears of the forger...


Who had to work everyday,

Just to make minimum pay...


When you say screw what they’ve done,

You haven’t won,

You’ve admitted that you are a worthless piece of shit,

Whose home is in the failure’s pit...


While you horse around with the many “toys” handed to you,

There is someone else out there putting every ounce of their life trying to surpass you,

They will beat,

Cuz they gotta eat...


Regardless of their race,

They keep up the pace,

Regardless of money,

They will find the land of milk and honey,

Regardless of wealth,

They will surpass your health,

Regardless of education,

They will have their instruction,

And no matter your school,

You are the fool,

Because you fail to understand one thing,

It’s not about the bling,

It’s not about the ring,

It’s not about the gold,

No no no, it’s about the story that ceases to get old...


The man who wants it more,

Will always beat the whore,

He’s of a different breed,

Cuz he has a compelling reason beyond himself to succeed...


The whore simply wants more luxury,

While the man wants to be free and happy,

The whore wants senseless lust,

The man does not want to be useless dust,

The whore wants great wealth,

The man wants great health,

The whore wants gold,

The man wants to grow old,

The whore wants to be loved,

The man wants to be respected,

The whore will die full of strife,

The man will be immortal afterlife.



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