It's not enough anymore just to work hard,

when there's a million others out there going more than the full 9 yards,

Walking unrecognized in the direction of the masses,

is no better than sitting in the back of three hundred person classes.

Everyone's there with different aspirations,

yet their all going down the exact same "path to greatness".


In order to achieve what we call success,

it appears we need to do more than just our best.

In this world thinking outside the box is our greatest ally,

and now while it pays to be humble,

when asked "Do you like your job?" 

why do most people stumble.

Working for someone is not the ideal,

for in most cases, the cause is not something that in your heart, you feel.


Be different, be bold.

You don't have to buy the life that you're being sold.

For some, the cookie cutter life is sufficient,

but I, pride myself, on being different.




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