Sometimes I find myself sitting,

Staring off with glazed over eyes that seem to

Break through the fabric of reality. Thoughts

Rush up and down my spine, then spur through my

Lips in a mesh of mindless, but relevant jargon that

Only I can understand. People may say I’m



Insane as those words enter their minds,

My foreign tongue sputtering somewhat violently against their innocent eardrums.

I’m different!” I shout with a cocky grin on my face.

They seem to think that I know no better,

That my delusional act of stepping outside the norms that society has placed in front of me

(Or rather, shoved down my throat)

Has put me into the “reject” section of our little world.

But that’s okay.

Because I like being different.

I relish in their bewildered, broken expressions as they see that I am one that cannot be tied down, chains and all.

And I laugh when they say I am the crazy one.

Because they, in fact, are the ones whose eyes can see just one shade of a color, when I can see thousands.

Blue? Don’t you mean aqua, cyan, and indigo?

Red? Don’t you mean scarlet, mahogany, and burgundy?

Darling, you over think things.

No. I just chose to see beyond what you perceive is normal.

They crave simplicity, they crave normality.

But me?

I can see every single angle, every facet of a diamond, glittering in the sunlight and bursting with the colors of the rainbow.








Nothing is black and white.

There is always an answer

To each and every question. And if there is no answer,

The answer is within the question.

Or maybe the answer is

Just Nothing.

But Nothing is Something.

Nothing is Everything.

What we make of Nothing, makes Something, and that Something can mean Everything if We Believe It Can.

Sweet heart, you’re doing that, “thinking” thing again. How about you sit down and keep your mouth shut for a while?

So I listen this one time, but in no way am I quiet.

My thoughts are constantly running,

As I observe each and every molecule that passes through my line of sight.

My senses twitch, and my legs shake as thick, passionate (insane?) energy passes through me, hot like liquid fire.

And then, I find myself sitting again,

My eyes glazing over as the colorblind ones lecture me about etiquette, and arbitrary rules and expectations.

Societal things.

But, I’m too far gone for them to reach me.

A cocky grin on my face,

I look up and say,

I’m different.”   




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