. While you look at me through those black square glasse's Im glancing at the clock wishing I could skip your classes. You room is so boring so drab and so brown, There's nothing I can do other than frown. You think your class is such fun galore, Gee i wonder why people begin to snore. I want to be a teacher something like you, But i have a whole list of things different I would do. Instead of screeching, "Where have you been?" I'll welcome you warmly with a moon shaped grin. There will be skits and riddles and nothing more, My class could never pass as a bore. There will be laughs and giggles in my four sided room, Surely you will never feel as if this is your doom.There will be games of duck duck goose and trust falls, Even have a bin to jump in that is full of balls. Class bonding an dlove are things I'll condone, And never bother my students when they're in the zone. I will make sure my students enjoy their stay, Even give them candy at the end of their day!


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