The Difference.


The difference between learning and simple education,

is not only the spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

The power of education is insurmountable to much,

but the epiphany of learning, can't even be looked at as such.

Become trapped in a classroom, and take a nap on the desk,

We still call that education... but learning is laid to rest.

Education can mean only four classes a day, 

but to learn is something different in every single way.

To learn something new takes the strength of teamwork,

the teacher and the student must do their own homework. 

The student must have the willingness to try,

but the teacher must also, understand why.

Why are they here? What are they doing?

Are they changing our lives? Or just there for the snoozing?

Wake up teachers! It's time for a change,

These kids all around me, hate this class with a rage.

So intensely that we all start to "act up", 

and soon you will give us homework, a subliminal "shut up!"

You became a teacher, not just to teach,

but to lead, be a friend, and sometimes even preach.

Why should we sit here and do busy work,

because of your laziness, and lack of self worth?

Everyone has good in them, and the power to lead,

but when it comes to teaching, you cannot just succeed.

You must go on, past that graduation,

you have to give everyone, the chance at accreditation.  

Because failing a student at the fault of education,

because he did not learn... it falls on your persuasion. 


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