Did You Hear My Cry?


The corpse pile up on the daily, your charater was reduced to the very length of your nose, you became the source of their entertainment as they continued to TAP on the tank the tension increased and the pressure caused it to BURST, you had no choice but to step on everyone else before you suffocated on the journey of false hope, look at your brother and sister, look into her smile it is as bright as yours, the very rise and fall of his chest is saturated with the same oxygen, and their families love them as hard as yours loves you, yet you see them as your enemy , RAGE and HATRED  swayed in the wind like a seedling that took root in the soil of your heart that lead you to force him to watch, as you slit his wife's throat, the blood flowed red as wine and steady as the hands on a clock. You WAIT for the madness to cease. LOUDER than fireworks that light up the home of the innocent at night, you are bombed on sight. From where you lay , if you are quiet enough you can hear the screams of terror, trembles of agonizing pain, the slashes of blades, but never the less you have fallen into a  profound emotional rest, disquieting the reality , how long can you sustain until your eardrums BURST, eyes SHUT, while inhaling smoke. The mother grabs her baby and holds on tight , wondering when will we be set free, who will listen. I can no longer be persistent in covering up these CHAINS  and holding on to this PAIN. Help me  if you are FREE. I can not breathe PLEASE HELP ME, I shot him even though he looks like me, and now he's dying, just the same




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