Did You?

Sometimes I wonder

Have you told her

What we did?

Do you take her where

You'd take me?

Did you tell her

About our grilled cheese

Date? Does she know

About the video games and

Pizza box jokes?

Do you take her to the 

Field where we watched the 

Stars? Do you take her

Around the neighborhood?

Does she know which house

You stole my first kiss

In front of?

Does she know which slide

You stole my virginity in?

Does she know which 

Road we laid in when

You told me that you 

Liked me once?

Does she know where

We'd go to make out?

Does she know about

All the girls you tricked into

Loving you?

Does she know that I

Became one of those girls?

Does she know that you tore

Out my heart and 

Laughed in my face? 

Does she know?

Does she know that you

Played me, cheated me,

Broke me?

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