Devils vs. Angels

Walking with my heart on my sleeve

Wondering is there anyone for me

These voices screaming in my head

“you’re ugly, you don’t deserve any love or affection”


Voices made me believe it is true


Than you came in and picked me off the ground and spined me all around


Without know my passe you made me simile as the vide sunrise 

Every moment made my heart melt

Your eyes became the charm, and your simile became a magnet


The moment when we were apart it became me therapy 


The devils left and your voice implanted in my head


Your touch made me blush

Your simile made me fly

I didn’t know what haven look and felt like till you came along


You’re the mockingbird of my blindness

The salt of my pepper

The jelly to my peanut butter

The butter to my popcorn

The lightness to m darkness


Now I know what it feels likes to be kissed by an angel


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