Devil's Nest

My body is a temple

Which I used to respect

But now, I’ve gone and fucked it up

My temple is a mess

Commence unholy matrimony,

I am a misconception

God is dead just like my soul

My body is a devil’s nest

Addicted to the comfort

A silent scream for help

The devil offers refuge

To which I can’t ignore

Animal instincts rise to the surface

Leaving enlightenment behind

I’d rape myself a million times

Before admitting I’m in denial

Infectious creature of the night

But my prey stalks me instead

I’ve lost the will, the will to fight

Inside, I am surely dead

Numb myself to void the pain

But it keeps on coming back

You’d think I would’ve learned by now

But my body is under attack

Predators hide in strange places

Masks of gold and joyfulness

I reach for one more drink to swallow

The devil inside me, a sweet caress


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