Destination: Home.

I never understood how people were homesick or what that term really meant.
I am a very logical person or at least I try to be.
How could you feel homesick if wherever you are is what home is?
But then I met you and I felt safe.
I felt at home with you.
You made me feel sheltered. It wasn’t up until you left that I realized being homesick had nothing to do with a physical place.
See, home doesn’t have an address, it has a pulse.
And when you left, I felt my foundation being ripped from up under me.
I felt lost and confused and most importantly alone.
You were my comfort zone; my safe haven.
But as you may know, people grow tired of homes and decide to move; to explore other parts of town.
They get up and search for a home that’s right for them. I’ve done it plenty of times.
I kept moving and I kept searching for a home that was just right to no avail…
That was, until I realized that what Goldilocks was talking about was right under my nose.
See, I thought home was what surrounded you.
But, I finally found a home I’m proud to call my own.
I’ve made shelter in my own skin.
I told myself that the only home I ever needed was the one my mother and father built from scratch.
The foundation’s a little shaky and it leaks when it rains but I’ll never feel homesick again.

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