Despite it all, I still love you

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 18:42 -- krae.97

Please help me understand

Exactly how I'm the bad guy

'Cause right now the one thing I've done wrong was say "yes" to him


But you

Well that's a whole 'nother story

You let me fall for you

With no intent to catch me

You let me g on your every word,

when all you told me were lies.


How am I to know that you're i pain

How can you attempt to compare all that hurt to my own?



I stayed awake at nights thinking of you

Your face

Your voice

Waiting for the day when I'll be blessed with your presence

Because you were my world

My everything


You were the one who made everything so much more beautiful

With you, you were the the contacts I neede to see

The air the help me breathe

The ability to walk, making me to yearn to run instead

Everything about you, I loved

The essence of you intoxicated me on the verge of O.D-ing 


But apparently that was all a facade

It was all fake

Nothing but a damn game of pretend

Don't you dare try to justify yourself

Don't try to say it was real

Because your lies told me different


You being with her told me different

Your words said one thing

Your actions said another


So if either of us is the bad guy

It's you

Because actions speak louder than words 

I wish it was different


But baby, I'm tired of hearing your lies

This time I want the truth

So I here I go

Finally opening my eyes

Yet, despite it all, I still love you


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