Once upon a time, there was a girl.

The girl, born from fervent wishes,

knew not of any life different

than her own. Left with only riches

and good health, she still wanted more.

I want, I desire, I need


Gold plated tiles and shining silver,

illuminated every dark corner, of which

there were few. Beauty lined the walls.

Ancestors of the royal lineage, pursed

lips incessantly pinching. 

I want, I desire, I need


Cold feet slap the gold tiles. Pattering

and freezing, the girl ignores the silken

shoes gifted from a neighboring kingdom.

The doors, twenty feet tall, grow closer

as her frantic feet near its clawed handles.

I need, I must, I will


Hair whipping in her eyes, the golden brown

locks remind her that she does not belong.

Strangers turn, birds chirp, dogs bark. 

The one, the girl, that had it all, cannot help

but capture the crowds. Further, just a little further.

I need, I must, I will


Crashing through the town's bazaar, she dives

in and out of the havoc she's created. The edge

of the city comes and the horizon appears. A golden

sun sinks beneath the rippling water. The cliff lies ahead

and the roaring of the crowds and adrenaline is deafening.

I will, I can, I am


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