Deserve (Epic Poem)


A sweet, beautiful girl once fell in love

For this lad she went beyond and above

Little did she know she was destined for doom

Surely the poor lass would have let him alone if she knew

It’s not like he hid his true intentions

But love was so blinding she never mentioned

Saw the signs of the curse that was cast upon

Still kept loving as time went on

Treated her badly until her heart she cried

Forgave him easily; gain his love she tried

Always showing the lad the truest devotion

He never understood the passion in her emotions

Time went on and he grew her trust

Till one day true colors blasted forth with a thrust

Betrayed, heartbroken the lass wept and cried

Never knew heartbreak would make her wish to die

Rest in Peace written for her heart deceasing

But what should one say when it’s resting in pieces?

All of her feelings she tried to suppress

Only gave the lass success in depress

Most people thought the lass would never recover

She perfected the art of “duck-and- cover”

Her heart and soul yearning for her beloved

To be loved unconditionally by the lad she covets

Confrontation being inevitable in her mind

She knew he would ask why she is now clandestine

Admitted to he, and herself, she could not muster

The strength to witness the love of her life love another

Told him as long as he’s happy she’s fine

He wouldn’t let her go; shouting selfishly, “you’re mine!”

Other men came round to gain her fidelity

Only to be ran away by the lad’s animosity

Now witnessing the feel of an unrequited love

Realizing he shouldn’t have put anyone else above

The one who showed him love should be cherished

Because of his mistake, their bond has perished

His infidelity was the death of their flame

Deep down she knew no one was to blame

The lass chose to depart so her life could look up

Chose to get her life back; to stop being his little pup

Smiling everyday in the public’s face

If only they knew the pain that shall last forever and a day

Mind still wanders on the boy whom stole her heart

But never let her feelings fall back apart

The lass lived on and grew from her mistake

Still filled with hope in finding true love one day

Until then she grows and lives each day

With the memory of the loss and the heartbreak she had to pay

No one can love you the way you can love yourself

Soon you will see you don’t need anyone else

With this I beg you to never fall this way

For losing yourself is a great deal to pay

To be true and respectful to one’s own being

Takes a lot of courage and strength but has great meaning

My mother always said to love yourself first;

Nobody else can give you the love and respect you deserve

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