Depths to Love

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:16 -- sboll

Because I love you, I will

Explore the depths of who you truly are,

Care for you,

Acknowledge your imperfections and show you

Unconditional love in spite of these imperfections.

Selflessness will be a firm foundation of our relationship, in which we
Exemplify to others what “I love you” truly means.


Intangible characteristics of who you are will always be more important than those which are tangible.


Listening to what you say will always be done, and I will

Openly speak my mind also, because I know you

Value my ideas and opinions

Even when you don’t agree with what those ideas and opinions may be.


Yesterday stays there, because each day is a new opportunity to love, and not hold onto a grudge.

Only you and I know the details of our relationship, and we are the only two involved.

Unhappiness stems from not understanding what “I love you” truly means. It is important not to settle for unhappiness, instead search for the understanding of “I love you”, and that is where peace and happiness reside.


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