Another day here all alone
Nobody to talk to
No hand to hold
No one to hold me and tell me
Everything's going to be okay
A heart full of anger
A heart full of pain
A heart that is longing
To be free from this pain and misery.

Another day here all alone
Defenceless and weak
Weary and worn out
Worthless and unwanted
It's how I feel since the day
My hear was torn into pieces.

I was diagnosed with depression
Sixteen years of age.

Depression is not a joke
It is real and it is a silent killer
Depression is a stalker
It stalks people
In the light of day or even
In the dead of night.

No matter what time of
The day of night it is
It is a constant
Looking over your shoulder
By trying hard not to
Fall back on the sticks and stones
They throw at you.

It is a constant
Streams of tears
Running down your face
It is
Endless sleepless nights
Tossing and turning
Trying to fight it
Trying to make it through
Another day.

Depression is
Living in a body that
Fights to survive
While the mind wants to die
Depression is
Living in a bubble, it is
Almost suffocating to death
But breathing again
Just before the fall.

Depression is
Living but not really living
Because your constantly
Believing that your a burden
To everyone around you
Depression is
Those long nights
Crying yourself to sleep
Hoping the storms
Will come to pass.

Depression is
Trying and I mean really trying
To do things right but
Being pulled right back under
When you're trying to take flight.

Depression is
Trying to spread your wings to fly
But been pulled back under
Only to be trodden upon
And cut with words
Sharper than
Any two edged swords
Depression is
Razor blade like words
That cut deep right into the soul.

That is what it's like for me
To live in a world gone far too cold
That is what it's like for me
To live in a world that
Just doesn't care yeah.

It's the stigma, the fear
Of reaching out
Only to be rejected and shut out
It's the fear of never been heard
It's the fear of never been known.

It's like your surrounded by
Strangers that don't even know your name
That don't even understand
Your pain or fears
It's like your trapped in a prison
That you just can't escape.

Depression is wanting
So bad for the pain to end
But wanting so desperately to live
Depression is the hunger
For more than just a sip
Of love and all it's glory.

It's the wanting to really live
A life full of joy and laughter
But being heavily weighed down
By years and years of
Hurt an anger
And not knowing who to
In fear of never been heard.

It's the desperate cries
In the middle of the night
It's being so down that
You feel so alone
Like you've got no-one
It's isolating yourself away
To escape the chaos and the noise
That surrounds you
Everywhere you go.

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Thank you for writing this, this is how I feel :(


Hey there, first off thank you for being so courageous in sharing that with me I am so so sorry that you feel that way and I hope that these words I've written help you in some way to find your voice, strength and courage to speak up and start seeking the help that you need to overcome everything that has ever hurt you. I hope my words can bring that comfort you need to start to heal I wish you well and hope that when you read this you know through it that you are deeply loved, cherished, wanted, adored and I hope you know that you are NEVER ALONE. Take care and I hope to hear from you again real soon.

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