Blow blow thou winter wind

Why hast thou viciously blinded

Me thou hast been wicked

Thou hast past my limit

How could thou change climate

So thou could time it

To have me admit

Wishing thou would cool it

But thou continues to split

Myself now down into bits

So all I can fix

With nothing but my wits

Thou were kind and bliss

To send oneself into the abyss

Left  to die with this

In  my head I’m hopeless

To bleed  in black darkness

Alone with nothing but loneliness

Left  for dead in my weakness

To ascend into eternal greatest

Why hast thou belatedly forsaken

Myself hast thou cruelly overtaken

My name thou hast partake in

Destroying the precious memories overtime

Leaving nothing but all of time

Thinking about depression I overcame

With everything except thy oppression

To die within subjection

In thy mind was rejection

From those who just question

My  person in thou confusion

As I lie into ruin

Left to die within an illusion


This poem is about: 
Our world


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