Depression Is

                                                                      Depression is  Depression.Now, don't act like I haven't gotten your attentionI've been there beforeBut now I am here to open a brand new doorMost people, you see, most people, when they hear the word depressionThey then start to feel this great suppression  Now depression gets the best of usLike creepy crawlers feeling like they mustMust take away our beating heart Our ability to be happy--so sad it tears us apartWith our nails bitten down to the nubAs we blindly hold out our hands so far as we so desperately runRun. Run away from those that hurt us, run away from the pain that infects our brain with pus, run, from the society that has ignored and shunned us. Run.They give you antidepressants to ease the painWell I'm telling you now, antidepressants don't keep you sane You pop a pill and feel happy for a whileThen reality hits and you throw up some bileThey suppress the problem, they do not fix And they cannot help the pain stitch  There are some of you who feel worthless, as if your presence disturbs usThere are some of you who feel guilty for nothing you've done, wanting to bake dead under the sunThere are some of you who feel as if you have nothing to give out, so you cry and silently shoutThere are some of you out there, that don't feel anything anymore--numb to the pain without a care You blame your parents, you blame those around us, or you just blame yourself You feel as if nobody cares about you and you're better off alone and sleeping on a shelfYou hate yourself and all your flawsAll those people who have rejected you, shunned you, made fun of you, bullied you, hurt you--just! Let me tell you now, wake up.Wake up to this dirty yet beautiful worldWake up to those who do care about you Wake up and realize that In our eyes that you are not selfish for wanting the pain to go awayWake up and realize thatYou are worth itYou are beautifulYou are one of a kind and nobody can duplicate youYou are warm and alive People love and care about youPeople need youAnd if you're still not convincedLet me tell youI careI know you're importantI know you're worth itI love you for youYou are not perfect, but neither am I Or rather, none of us areWe're just humanSo keep living Living with that beating heart Living with love  I know for a fact if you try hard, you can changePeople can change So change your depression from suppression and the feeling of a nonexistent oppression to absolute content You're not too much you're not too littleYou're just right in my eyesSo now, tell it good bye Never come again Now my friend, this has reached the end Depression is...dead.   

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