The Depression

The dark road leads me to a town

that consumes all who fall down

This special black hole place

Were memory and despair haunt with a single face


My heart begins to pound as I look around

But I make no movement, for my feet are bound

I see two paths both disappearing to obscurity

One is bright and the other is night, yet neither give any security


My thoughts chime in, "your safe here my friend.

What's the point, they both lead to a single dead end.

Live here with me, in my mystical city,

for here we can wallow in all our self pity."


I question my brain and all it is saying

But my thoughts are mine and it's me it's portraying!

I have decided, he is the voice and him I will follow

What's the risk? My life can't become any less hollow


So I find the darkest catacomb

And build a lovely new home

Now I have a confession,

"The rest of my life will be lived in depression.. "

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