The Deportation of Jesus Christ

On God's hand,

We are said to be held

In the palm of serenity

And understanding.

That smooth skin

Is cracked by the cold air

Spewing from hot head debonairs.

Since when is God's hand not a right

But a privelege to those who are white

And an impossibility to those with melanin?

With that thinking,

Adam and Eve do not belong on these fingers.

Jesus Christ does not rest near His thumb.

You are going against the guidelines you made up.

For these figures were black

And made in His image.

Would you kick out Christ for the sake of your racism?

Would you shoot Him as he walked home with an Arizona

And a hoodie pulled over his head?

Would you throw Him in the back of a van 

And claim his death was an accident?

Would you say that the Almighty you sing about on Sundays

Was asking for it?

Would you say the man you pray to before meals

Shouldn't have scared the cops?

Would you say just because 250 Messiahs were killed by police

That it does not mean the cops are atheiest? 

250 crucifixitions are 250 too many.

So, how can we we stop those burning crosses and lynching?

Teach the archer to not immediately launch a bow.

Test their brains for prejudice.

Equipt them with better problem solving skills

Rather than taking down a problem with a kill.

Make sure the predator understands each life matters

So we can avoid another blatant statement like Black Lives Matter.

No protest should be for a simple, factual truth.

We believe black lives matter.

Do you?



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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