Deplore at Birth( from the book of Job)

During a time of loss

one questions their legacy as to the purpose of God's plan

in one's life 

With disgust, one curses the day of birth

I can hear a person say

may the day perish in which he is born 

at night where he is conceived

may this day be full of darkness

that God won't seek him

nor the light ever shed during the darkness

that the valleys of shadow of death strike fear

to one's heart

a dark cloud comes and hovers him with terror

in this night, May the darkness seize the monent

and conquer the light with no rejoice

among the days

Among the months

Even among the years

May shouts of anger arise

that one's voice is not being heard

may that voice be curse with rage 

that same voice entice Leviathan 

May the stars disappear and the skies be pitch black 

May the skies look for light, but there is none

not see the dawning of a new day

his mom's womb should've been close

he didn't want to come out

for his eyes were close shut

why he should've die at birth

there was no purpose

but who is he to question God

why not perish even after he came out of his mom's wombs 

he want no part of the loss

because it was too traumatic 

he would've felt more content 

to be laid to rest and unnoticed 

but God said no

with kings and queens being crooked like politicians in the community 

who ruin God's plan for their own greed

or princes who are trust fund babies , yet act ungrateful 

yet he questions about being a stillborn child

because being a newborn child wasn't a choice

The wicked cease from troubling

the weary was at rest

the prisoners rest together 

they don't hear the sound of the creator

but the voice of the oppressor

why is light given to one whose reality is full of misery

life brings bitterness to the soul

Longs for death, but does not come

because It wasn't time to go yet

Is there any rejoice ?

in the graves where they're being left alone

why would light be given to someone that's suffering

because Jesus loves him

the groanings flows like rap verses

the resenting comes out like waters flowing in the rivers

for what fears has come upon him

the turmoil one dreads is happening 

there's no at ease nor peace

there is no rest because trouble follows him

in spite of all loss, God makes a way 

Because He is the way, truth and life


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My community
Our world


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