A delicate collision

I looked at you, at all of you, or maybe only half
Part, portion, a side of you, the side you wore on your sleeve
And I couldn't help but think how similarly polar opposite we are as humans
We have all the same parts
Different mechanics
Driving forces
Different reasons, morals, reality
But the real reality my unreasonable realist
Is that we are driving these bodies through this maze
Side by side sometimes
Heading straight on towards each other
Round in circles
Existing in this same time, plane, under the same constant sky
Yet our realities are so vastly different
It's almost a crime to call them the same word
And what a word that is, reality, it means so many different things to so manydifferent meat covered systems of nerves and joints and skeletal alignments
But just like reality, this too means nothing
Just the ramblings of a morning commute.


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