Fighting fire with fire 

Is not very wise 

But when overcome with hatred


and Demise

Eyes get set on erasing 

Ultimately defacing 

A person to a thing

Losing its self as a being

No longer a person

No longer with voice

Leaving them helpless without choice

Its disgusting

But common place

A society saturated in its own disgrace

We label eachother its

Categorizing girls by their tits

Never looking into their eyes

Never realizing that they dream surpassing the skies

Still we sit and ponder why

Everything feels so empty 

Why must it feel so alone

Maybe its just because we've grown

In a corrupted garden of dehumanizaion

The great emotional Castration

Where sex is now all we know 

No longer called a beautiful young woman

But a hoe

We've become so numb

We can no longer feel 

Gotta do drugs to convince ourselves

That we're still real

No longer do we go to church

We've lost faith in everything

These days we don't seem to matter

Eating nasty shit getting fatter

Contimplating our brains to splatter

It's a national disaster

We just get fucked u day in and out

I'll be drinking tonight no doubt

The age of exploitation of women and men

Where we got 10 thousand friends on the interweb

Yet we still feel like we're by ourselves

Collection of dust on the books on our shelves

And all we do now is blindly criticize

The age of technology

All its done is bother me

In the end

It'll just swallow me


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