The Definition of a Teacher.

Teacher: the definition?
Can you define it for me please?

Is it to feed our minds?
Or help up us on our way?

Maybe it means to give some hope,
A person who makes us want to stay.

But what if I were to say this definition has been changed?
Mangled, flipped around, reversed and turned.

Instead of nurturing the student
They light a match to watch them burn.

What can’t I say to my teachers? I’ve decided to finally let it out.

An observation I’ve made:
Some teachers like to pop a balloon of dreams to plant seeds of doubt.

My school preaches “stomp out bullying!”
They chant “stop them where they’re at!”

Well my bullies have been in front of a white board, behind a desk,
PRETENDING to where the white hat.

But please don’t get me wrong I’m not living in a shell.
I’ve risen up and taken lessons from that certain hell.

Teachers: the definition.
Can you define it for me please?

I used to think; monster. I would think of ways to flee.

But my definition has been altered due to the lesson that I’ve learned.

You can belittle and shun, judge,condemn and lie about me.

The lesson I took from you, teacher?
There could never be a better or greater me.


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