Sun, 10/23/2016 - 02:01 -- Azmatik

Throughout my life I've felt alone,

Depressed, never was impressed with life,

'Till what I have is gone,

My feelings were always messed,

Then I started write, and realized maybe I've been wrong,

Life isn't as boring as I have known,

I got hooked on these raps and thinking that I can trap my feelings into something,

Yeah.. Im in my zone when these beats come on,

Im like a king in his throne, but in reality im a kid kinda on his own,

sitting here 3:57 in the morn',

writing future used lyrics for my songs,

I realized Ive wanted to die, since I was eleven,

Or escape my family, change my name to Stephan and start over,

but fuck it, I'm happy now, found my hope,

really hard I know, but thats what happens when you've been raised feeling alone,

So whats up hello,

all for going through hell, I been there on my own,

I've grown since I wrote this,

My gateway for ryhming has opened,  and I know if I can pick my shit up from where I was,

beat, down and on the ground, that I do anything I put my mind to, you too, thats true,

stand by my side, we can all use our pride and maybe touch the sky,

for now us dreamers put our hands up high,

so glad, so glad, I am who I am, right, 

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