Deeply Fallen In Love

One day I was dreaming about you.

I never knew this day would come so soon. 

I was dreaming about you laughing. 

I was dreaming about you smiling, about a joke that didn´t make sense to you. 

In my dream everything seemed like reality.

In true life you were never in sight.

Maybe one day I will hear you.

Maybe one day I will see you.

But until then, my dreams are totally true.

Why did you leave me alone. 

Now that I need you, you are not here next to me.

Why did you leave me alone.....

I look up to the sky and think of you.

I see the stars are shining really bright.

And I realize that you are next to me, guiding me and showing me the way to my destiny. 

You never really left me.

You were here all along.

Now I see my dreams are real. 

Now that you are next to me.

I heard a voice.

I was the most beautiful noise.

That voice said to me don´t you worry soon you will be free.

I turned around to look for the beautiful voice and I saw you.

You turned around to face me and said I do this because I love you.

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