Deeper than a CUT

Sterilized blade,

Mesmerized soul,

Caught in depression,

Doubting of herself in this world,

What is there to believe when this world is burried with hate,

But why burry yourself in the negative vibe?

What will you do when the world stands by?

Blood from your vein, being drained.

You thought a cut was better, no time can take that back.

Your loved ones looking over a casket six feet down.

Remember the day you were teased and cried?

Remember those days, should have never gave up!

Whats deeper than a cut if the blade does not cut?

Whats deeper then the thoughts held captive inside?

Not aware of the illness, focused in stillness. 

Look down darling, we will never give up.

To stop this atrocity, this society has died.

Blade cut is deeper but your dreams must live on!

Suicide note left on the couter top.

Now what is there to do but try to support those who face the same lines.

Rememeber those souls who decided to give up.

Whom ever is reading, just please... never give up.

Don't be another burried six feet down,

For taking your own life at hands makes this harder and harder!

Whats deeper than a cut?... Not living to fight.

Stop suicide, make them decide.

That this world is worth living,

Love is deeper than that cut.

Now look down, do you see what you caused?

Caused yourself harm and tears of a loved one.

Love is deeper, never give up.

Seek the help you need before you decide not to live on.

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