Deep Roots, by Miguel "AJM"

I've been looking for myself, looking all around, I tried to check the bin, but they cleared the lost &

found and everything got claimed somebody got my baggage, security clearance, weapon detected,

so now  I got a question will the weight be lifted? Never burn a bridge that cross on a connection, but

from my perception the ones who were connected, didn't wanna cross, so they burned the bridge just

to stand under and extinguish out as I tried & stepped across,

can't afford to take a loss man the tax too much, guess the high school track  really came in clutch

'cause it was a far jump, but I caught my balance hung on, and never turned around now I travel

alone, but really I'm surrounded as I'm on a empty road, how does that happen? I may never know,

because the signal got dropped & need to phone home, gotta tell mom that she did a great job,

without pay of commission she accomplished the mission, now i'm writing from a distance, soon she'll

get the message, they say with where I'm heading the mail gets delivered both days of the weekend,

but for now it's word to mouth, so pray for me 'cause I need it, ain't been to church in months yet I go

every weekend, mentally I drifted I almost crashed the course but thank God the brakes work & I was

able to swerve, now I got my hazards on, it was a lesson learned  so even if I could I wouldn't make a

U turn, gotta make progression I  gotta maintain today I'm 18 tomorrow  I'm 28, within the decade I'll

remember the roots that nourished the branch to produce great fruit, and forever remain the one who


never let the garden get eaten away by the snakes In the grass or rabbits that play, because the

choice of installation was to always remain, different and forever  stand the ground, I ain't forget that then I still remember it now



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