Deep Premonitions of the Soul

My existence has taken a toll, considering life is beyond my control
I have lost the fire within me, that fuels my desires intricately
Who is willing to guide me first, in the abyss of this absurd universe?
Like zombies we live off one another, our brains become a rancid bother
And could someone please change the channel, these memories are too hard to handle
Suffering with agonizing breathes, overwhelmed with our approaching death
What is incomprehensible to the mind, is the key we have to find
So quit judging others behind their back, since there's a lot of knowledge that you lack
Don't conform to the mold, because that is what you were told
Instead embrace the vast unknown, and step outside your comfort zone
A dilapidated labyrinth stands in front of you, behold the life that you must undo
To sleep is to die, every conniption led to lie
Combating the urge every night, not willing to escape from this fight
Pinpoint the moments you wish to live for, that will keep you begging for more
We are children of the politically incorrect, so many errors to detect
Another lost thought in the continuum gap, just leaves us with a clueless map.


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