Dedicated To The Others

Snapped both my knees
Never jump anymore
Because you said
I never reached the stars

You're right
I never did
I went past them
Kicked the moon out of the sky
Showed the sun what burning is
Took the Milky Way and threw it around
Eating every single black hole

Now all the energy will forever remain
Children with endless exasperation
Athletes with nonstop presperation
Musicians with chords in perfect combinations

Never try to stop us
We are the counter culture
Believing in drugs and hugs
So if you can't keep up
Then obviously you won't ever see us

Your eyes are blurred with hate
Our eyes are brimming with success
I'll lead the ones I love
March throughout life
Scream and shout

We are the ones
Reaching into the dark
Just to find us
The only thing we know
Is that you can never stop us

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