How do you know

When you’ve outlived

Your welcome?

I’ve always been distant

Never right in front of you

If I weren’t anchored to this body

I’d always be somewhere new

Reality is suppose to hit hard

But it never really hit me


Not like he did.

I’ve always been so different

Never really all in one place

But when he put his hands on me

I knew exactly where I was

I was alone


Staring at the turmoil

I read it on his face

I’d never be anything  

“I’ll be damned if you don’t know your place”


He always said he’s sorry

He always said I knew

If I even really wanted him

I knew what I had to do


Why do you ever have to go

Can’t we just lay here in my room

Just sit down next to me

We’ll never have to move


You’re all I ever needed

I’m never gonna be just me again

As long as you’re right next to me

I’ll never fear a thing


I hadn’t seen my friends for weeks

I missed them quite a lot

He said he never trusted me

He knew I was a slut


He yelled so loud my ears would ring

“All I did was run down the street’

“Did I say you can fucking leave!”


I knew it then it wasn’t love

I loved him even though

My brain told me

You have to leave

You really can’t take this anymore

My heart begged

Please just wait and see

He doesn’t like to feel alone

I looked at him then in his bright blue eyes

Moments stretch forever

I knew I had lost

It couldn’t be

I used all I had inside of me

“I think it’s time to go.”


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