I've made the decision to throw away my true feelings for you.

It may be difficult, but it is something I must do,

Because you love me,

But you are not in love with me,

and that is something I can't handle.

I'm just not strong enough.


I have a choice:

To fight for you with all my heart

Or to forget all of these amazing feelings.

I can't bring myself to ruin what you already have,

So, against my heart, I choose the latter.


I can't sit here in the middle anymore

Waiting and waiting for you to come around

Face down on this cold hard floor

Feeling lost and wishing to be found


I say I've made my decision for you,

But I'm sorry to say that just isn't the truth.

You are on my mind day and night

And without you being mine, that just isn't alright.

I had to let go.

My paper heart was stating to show

Through my sweatshirt sleeve

You were becoming less of a want and more of a need



Your poem was amazing and very inspiring, I wish you the best for what you are trying to achieve. ou deserve it.


This poem really touched me. I love it!

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