Decision Monster

It gnarls its jagged teeth towards me

"Dare you step this way?!"

The booming rasp of the voice nearly struck me down

Shivers crawled up my skin

It's just a decision.

Just a lifelong decision that matters, so much

The beast expands its chest, prepared to bite my head off

The pressure in my head grows in exponentials

Heart beating at a rate inwhichitneverstopsandsoundslikeone big. thump.

Then a tiny figure toddles forward, taps me on the shoulder, and reminds me

"Life goes on"

I close my eyes, the beast's breath close enough,

The heat of it in my cheeks, the stomach sunk

I close my eyes, and think of the decisions of yesterday, yesterweek, yesteryear

This is just one more

I open my eyes, and the beast is but a small pup

A smile finds its way onto my face, and I walk forward.

Beasts are conquered every day.

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